About Us

Snus Town was founded by 2 friends who want to assist the world’s smokers by offering a healthier alternative to cigarettes, hopefully even assisting in smokers quitting.

We strongly believe that nicotine pouches will aid smokers in their journey to quit cigarettes, and we encourage you to replace your cigarettes with a tobacco-free alternative like nicotine pouches.

We’ve been studying the segment for more than a year now, from this research we found that it’s difficult for consumers to consistently receive quick and dependable deliveries of high quality, fresh nicotine pouch brands in the United Kingdom. Let alone from a trustworthy business that is established and operates out of the United Kingdom.

So that’s why snustown.co.uk was created.

To ensure that you can always get high quality, fresh products that arrive wherever and whenever you want them. We deliver throughout the UK and now Internationally. We ensure cheap and in most cases free delivery depending on your total order. After all, how else are you going to take that important first step away from cigarettes without a dependable and trusted source to get your nicotine pouches from?

We store all nicotine pouches in a location that is kept at a constant low temperature far away from any sunlight. This is the best way to aid freshness and maintain the delicious flavors, ensuring that you always receive great tasting nicotine pouches every time you purchase from snustown.co.uk.

Our business is located in Greater London, where all your orders will be picked, packed and dispatched. Due to our ideal location this allows fast shipping times. In most cases you will receive your order in just 2 days.

We want to innovate and change the way nicotine pouches are sold. Our goal is to make our service the best in the world, so we’re always looking for new ways to adapt and improve. Small things matter to us, so we’ve taken the time to identify all the small issues and will work endlessly until we have reached absolute perfection.

We aim to take Snus Town to new heights, follow us on our journey.