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Killa Cold Mint XXL - 16mg

Killa Cold Mint XXL - 16mg

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Killa Cold Mint XXL is the same as the original cold mint put comes with 30 pouches! It is the most well-known variant of Killa. The delicious, fresh, minty flavour makes this nicopod a great option to choose.

 Killa Cold Mint fits completely into Killa's philosophy; a nicotine pouch with a high intensity and a fresh, delicious taste. The Cold Mint variant provides a real boost to your day.


  • Brand Name: Killa
  • Product Type: Nicotine Pouches
  • Pouch Format: Slim
  • Our Strength Rating: Medium
  • Nicotine Per Pouch: 16 mg/g
  • Flavour: Cold Mint
  • Pouches Per Can: 30
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